Awarded Gold Medal: Susan Harding (Leyden), Deborah Farrelly (Bates), Kelly-Anne Finlayson (Meadows), Lisa-Gaye Irvine (Bates), Kylie Smits (McLeod), Nicole Wilson - (honours), Susan Modin (Ballard) - (honours), Ainslie Wickstein (Dore), Jennie Baxter (Ballard) - (honours), Kate Paine, Jessica Broughan, Rachel Dowling (Honours), Jessica Harding (Honours), Ashley Finlayson, Honoria Roffey (Honours)


The 'Gold Medal' exam is the highest attainable award. It is truly an honour to achieve such a high award. The Gold Medal is a 3-part exam: Part A : Technical Skills Part B: 3 Pre-choreographed routine performances Part C: Gold medal Honours – Stage Performance

The pupil skills program is designed to enhance a child’s technical skills and terminology. It tests children on individual movements and routines in all areas of Calisthenics. These programs are continually being improved and the syllabus today is very comprehensive. Each child gains so much from studying and participating in these exams, it is also a chance for pupils to gain individual rewards for all their hard work but still be strongly involved in a team sport.


Recommended Ages for Exams

The following details the MINIMUM age that a student must be before they are permitted to do the exam. There are also required levels that need to be obtained before doing a solo, these are detailed in the side panel.

Test 1Test 2Test 3Grade 1Grade 2Grade 3Grade 4BronzeSilverGold

Min. 7 yearsMin. 7 yearsMin. 9 yearsMin. 11 yearsMin. 13 yearsMin. 14 yearsMin. 15 yearsMin. 16 yearsMin. 17 yearsMin. 18 years


Levels and Solos

The following pupil skill levels are required for all Solo and Duo Competitions, the required skill level must be attained by December 31st in the year PRIOR to the competition.

Solo AgeLevel Required

8 YearsTest 1

9 YearsTest 2

10 & 11 YearsTest 3

12 &13 YearsGrade 1

14 & 15 YearsGrade 2

16 YearsGrade 3**

17 Years +Grade 4**

** An 80% Pass Rate is required for Aesthetic and Dance in the Grade 3 exam for all entrants in 16 years Graceful Solo and Grade 4 exam for all entrants in the 17 and over Graceful Solo.



The Medal exams are for Senior pupils and are the Pinnacle of the Pupil Skills.

Merinda has had many girls sit through medal exams, and we congratulate the following who have received their Medals.



Awarded Bronze Medal: Angela Grant, Gabrielle Mehmet (Hayes), Jasmine Lichenstein - (Honours), Katrina Southward, Lisa Boetti (Hayes), Leanne Hornsby (Thornton) - (Honours), Candice Nyman, Rosie King - (Honours), Jessica Broughan - (Honours), Rachel Dowling (Honours), Honor Roffey (Honours), Georgia McKay, Jessica Harding (Honours), Amber McLean (Honours), Ashley Finlayson (Honours), Jess D'In (Honours), Morgan King (Honours)



Awarded Silver Medal: Michelle Pink (Leyden), Lisa Tink, Michelle Wright, Briana Baass, Janelle Mace (Salisbury), Jessica Broughan, Honor Roffey (Honours), Rachel Dowling (Honours), Jessica Harding (Honours), Georgia McKay, Ashley Finlayson (Honours with Distinction), Morgan King (Honours)