4:30 Ballet 6-8 years

5:30 Ballet 9-12 years

6:30 Ballet 13+ years



Classes resume 3rd Feb


4:30 Acro Lvl 1+2

5:15 Acro Lvl 3

5:45 Acro Lvl 4+5

6:15 Acro Lvl 6+

7:00 Masters



Acro resumes 4th Feb

Masters resume 25th Feb


6:30 Seniors



Classes resume 12th Feb


6:00 Inters



Classes resume 7th Feb


8:30 Tots

9:00 Tinies

11:00 Sub Juniors

2:00 Juniors



Classes Resume 8th Feb



Our fees and an outline of other commitments are all contained in our welcome booklet.  Click to download


Acro resumes 4th Feb

Masters resume 25thFeb




8:30 am


9:30 am

Our 1 hour Tots classes are designed for our pre-school aged children,  and are a fun introduction to Calisthenics.  Classes can be filled with fairy wings, climbing, balancing and singing all while learning their basic skills.  Co-ordination, musicality, listening, counting, fine and gross motor skills are just some of the benefits gained from class.

Children learn 4 routines over the course of the year, and get to perform on stage a number times including at the end of year concert*.    

*Children must be at least 3 years old in order to appear on stage



9:00 am


11:00 am

These classes are for our students aged 7 years and under.  Like the tots classes, children learn 4 routines over the course of the year and perform on stage in a number of competitions and at the end of year concert.  The focus is on the joy of performance and participation.

These early years lay the groundwork for good technique, teamwork, flexibility, strength, deportment and discipline all wrapped up in costumes, performance and friendships.

Sub Juniors


11:00 am


3:00 pm

The Sub Junior section is for pupils aged 8 to 10 years.  These classes are where they learn a love for the sport.  The growth in the skill set from a first year Sub Junior to a final year Sub Junior is immense and amazing!  Friendships are formed; technique, strength and flexibility are developed.  Celebrating these students in a happy environment encourages them want to learn more and be the best they can!  Motivation is best when it comes from inside.


Sub Juniors learn 6 routines and compete in approx 4 competitions plus the end of year concert 



2:00 pm


6:00 pm

Our Juniors are the 2019 State Champions - in the fabulous Championship division!  This is the result of many years of careful training.  We are very proud of the hard work coaches, pupils and the whole supportive team of Parents, Costume coordinators and prep crews all put in in order to achieve this incredible result!

Our Juniors are aged 11 to 13 years, classes are filled with smiles and determination!

Juniors learn 6 routines and compete in approx 4 competitions plus the end of year concert



6:00 pm


10:00 pm

Our inter classes are for students aged 14 to 17 years.  They are engaged with challenging and creative choreography that keeps them striving and interested. 

Focus is always on aiming high and we are continuing to teach these talented students new skills.  We take time to celebrate achievements big and small, support each other and recognise the value and community of "TEAM" 

Inters learn 6 routines and compete in approx 4 competitions plus the end of year concert



6:30 pm 


10:30 pm

Senior classes are for students aged 17 and over.  These classes are full of dedicated, talented students with a strong desire to succeed....  and they have certainly excelled and made their mark in the Championship section

The focus is on excellence, technique and the strength found in being a true TEAM member working toward a common goal.

Seniors learn 6 routines and compete in approx 4 competitions plus the end of year concert



7:00 pm 


9:30 pm

Master classes at Merinda are designed for women 26 years and over.  They can be for past calisthenic students wishing to participate in the sport they always loved, or for those giving calisthenics a go for the first time!

Our classes focus on fitness and are social outlet while still competing at the highest level.



4:30 pm

5:30 pm


6:30 pm

Our 1 hour ballet classes with the superb Miss Effie are a fantastic adjunct to work alongside our calisthenic team classes.  Deportment, grace, turnout, technique and strength are just some of the benefits gained from participating.

Exams are available in the Cecchetti syllabus.

4:30 6 to 8 years

5:30 9 to 12 years

6:30 13 + years



4:30 pm

5:15 pm

5:45 pm

6:15 pm

Our Acro classes are geared towards our younger students.  These classes work on gymnastic based skills and include exercises designed to develop strength and flexibility.

Classes are grouped according to skill level (as determined by the coaches).

4:30 Level 1 + 2

5:15 Level 3

5:45 Level 4 + 5

6:15 Level 6+ 


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