Merinda is a competitive college, with all sections graded at the highest level.  And while we have a strong desire to remain competitive at this level and for our students to excel; we also want them to learn life skills that follow them into the future,  to find strength and joy from inner confidence, and to feel part of a supportive community.

Our hope is:

To foster teamwork

To pursue excellence in performance and technique
To provide an environment in which pupils feel safe and have the opportunity, tools and confidence to excel
To coach with encouragement and fairness
To expose performers to creative and well grounded choreography
To inspire enthusiasm and passion 

It is vital that all students aim for full attendance in order to achieve these goals.


Merinda was formed in 1980 by Mrs Pat Marsh. It had 94 pupils; many are still connected with the college today. The word Merinda means “Beautiful girl or woman,” which is appropriate to what is an artistic sport, performed mainly by females.

Members of Merinda have made a major contribution to CVI supporting it from its inception, with dedicated involvement from Coaches, Pupils and Parents.

In 1998 Mrs Pat Marsh retired as Principal of Merinda Calisthenics College and handed it over to her successors, those being girls she had trained throughout both their competitive life and the beginning of their coaching careers; Deb Farrelly, Sue Harding, Kelly Finlayson and Liz Irvine.

In 2001 the College became an Incorporated Association with a committee. The principals continue to play a large role in the operation of the college, holding committee positions and coaching individual sections.

We have enjoyed performing at the highest level and in 2019 we began our 40th year of classes and competitions a true milestone with close to 200 pupils!